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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Cain & Abel

Well. It's been a busy week and this is my FRIDAY....for work anyway. I recieved a very disturbing letter from a young 17 year old Baptist girl today. She is the daughter of strict Mennonite folks. They make her conform to the Mennonite ways and it bothers her because she is a Baptist and does not want to be recognized as a Mennonite. She is struggling to find God's will for her life and desprately trying to find a place to live and "surrogate" parents who are godly. Please keep her in your prayers!
Teresa has been ill lately. They think she may have at least one ulcer. The boys have been fighting lately. I am seriously considering changing their names to Cain and Abel! :) Seth can't stand it when Brent tries to tell him what to do or to take him by the hand to bring him into another room....and Brent just loves to be the BIG brother. I have 2 little sisters and I use to love to fight with the oldest of the two....she loved to fight with me too! Ahhhh, but we all grow out of that, don't we? My brother survived IVAN down in Pensecola, FL. He is staying with friends in Tallahasee now. Apparently Pensecola Christian College is temporarily closed for repairs now.
I plan on rearanging the recording studio Monday. That's the plan anyway. I need to write some new material soon too!


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